30 Day Challenge: Dry January

30 Day Challenge: Dry January

I’m starting this year with the goal of being more intentional.  With that goal in mind, I’ve set out to complete one 30 Day Challenge per month for 2016.  The 30 Day Challenge I picked for January is Dry January–30 days of no alcohol.  Here’s the why, the how, and the results so far! 

I decided that I wanted to spend the first month of 2016 alcohol-free.  I like wine and beer and the occasional mixed drink, but I have been feeling like my relationship with alcohol needed to be renegotiated.  I could see that I was falling into ruts, conforming mindlessly to social norms, and drinking more than was really healthy.  So, I challenged myself to press the reset button.

I’m keeping myself accountable in a few places.  I made a page in my journal for my 30 Day Challenges.


It’s also one of the habits I’m tracking this month.  It helps me to visualize coloring in that square at the end of the day.


Finally, I made a reflection page in order to keep fresh why I chose this challenge, what I hope to gain by completing it, and reminders.20160114_073925

I’m about halfway through this 30 Day Challenge and I’m feeling amazingly good about it.  I feel like I am certainly being more intentional about what I put into my body.  I’ve discovered some delicious (and healthier) alternatives.  But most importantly, I’ve said no.  I think the social pressure to drink, especially in the Pacific Northwest and especially for people my age, is tremendous.  I’ve turned down drinks that were already poured being placed in my hand and it felt really good to make a choice instead of going along with what someone else thought I wanted or needed.

I think that completing this challenge and pushing myself to reexamine how I consume alcohol is going to have lasting effects.  I feel so much better.  I’m sleeping better and waking up more easily.  I am better hydrated.  And the calories I’m not consuming via alcohol, combined with exercise and mindful eating, are contributing to the pounds melting away.  Between the boost of confidence from standing up for my own wants and the boost from feeling more comfortable in my clothes (and skin), this challenge has set me on a strong path for 2016.

Here are some of my non-alcoholic beverage favorites!  🙂


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