Welcome to TinkerTeacherMakerMom!  I am the mom of a six year old boy (The Tiny Human).  The Tiny Human is a self-proclaimed chemist and construction worker, so we often tinker and make things together.  Our family also includes two dogs (Jude and Lucy) and one ball python (Mocha).  I love being creative and am always working on something new.  I have a wide variety of creative interests, including but not limited to:

I am also a teacher and I bring my love for creating things into the classroom.  My philosophy of education is a combination of Critical Pedagogy and Constructivism.  I am certified in both Maryland and Washington (state) in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education K-12.  I have classroom teaching experience in kindergarten and student teaching/practicum experiences in most elementary grades and home-based experience with children and families birth through three.

The majority of my teaching experiences this far have occurred in Baltimore, MD.  I completed my degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007 and began moved to Baltimore.  I taught kindergarten in Baltimore City Public Schools for four years. My position required me to plan differentiated and multi-modal lessons so that I could reach all of my 32 students and help them move forward in their understanding and application of core subjects.

My last year in Baltimore, I was a special educator in the role of Special Education Early Development (SEED) teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools. My responsibilities included providing indirect services for students receiving special instruction in general education preschool, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms in ten schools throughout Baltimore City. I worked with the classroom teachers, site-based special educators, families, and service providers to identify embedded opportunities for addressing functional IFSP/IEP goals and identify and coach appropriate teaching strategies through the implementation of the Collaborative Consultation Model.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I worked with a team of teachers to develop and facilitate district-wide professional development for Early Learning teachers. I also supported the curriculum development teams for the Baltimore City Public Schools’ new Early Learning curriculum, first as a curriculum writer and later as the online support manager.

Now, I am a preschool teacher in a play-based classroom.  I am enjoying returning to my educational roots.

On TinkerTeacherMakerMom, you’ll find posts about things I’m tinkering with, what’s going on in my classroom, things I’m making, parenting, and keeping it all running smoothly with my Bullet Journal.


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